Who We Are

We Are A Community, Not A Network

Our Mission

BNCEP’s mission is to cultivate a viable community of Black nonprofit leaders and Black-led organizations, and increase the level of support they receive from the philanthropic community.

Our Vision

BNCEP envisions a nonprofit community where Black leaders are trusted, sought out as experts, and receive equitable funding.

Core Values

Our core values are built around five principles: inclusiveness, trust, equity, respect, and knowledge. Read More


Our Programs


Fostering connections with individuals and organizations that share common goals and values

We look to advance BNCEP’s mission, vision, and priorities. Strengthen members’ leadership and organizational skills to help optimize efficacy and impact; and cultivate opportunities that support personal development, rejuvenation and holistic well-being, and community building.

The Commitment Includes:
  • Attendance at quarterly membership meetings.
  • Participation in BNCEP sponsored "Get to Know Us" Events.
  • Sharing demographic, organizational, and high-level impact data annually.
  • Membership fee (sliding scale beginning July 2024)

BNCEP Member

The Commitment Includes:
  • Attending and/or sponsoring BNCEP "Get to Know Us Events annually.
  • Establishing relationships and collaboratively creating opportunities to partner with or support BNCEP members.
  • Serving as a "connector" to facilitate meaningful connections within the network.

BNCEP Mobilizer

The Commitment Includes:
  • Participation in BNCEP "Get to Know Us" and social events.
  • Optional involvement in a BNCEP committee (Advocacy, Data & Evaluation, or Leadership & Sustainability).
  • No membership fee.

BNCEP Leadership

Upcoming Events

Check Out Our Upcoming Events

31Aug 2024
Membership Meeting (members)

Membership Meeting (members)

This quarterly event is for members and invited guests only to advance BNCEP priorities and goals. 

  • 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM
  • Support Us

    Help us continue our mission to provide supportive opportunities for Black-led organizations.

    Whether through donations, joining as a member or partner, or spreading the word, your support is vital in advancing our mission. Join us in making a meaningful difference today.