BNCEP envisions a nonprofit community where Black leaders are trusted, sought out as experts, and receive equitable funding


Frequently Asked Questions

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Membership is free, for now. Eventually, there may be a membership fee. Join now while it's free!

No. You must be an Executive Director, or Chief Executive of a nonprofit organization in the Greater Philadelphia area AND a member of the African Diaspora.

We are currently serving EDs in Philadelphia and surrounding counties in PA only. However, you can send us a message via the Contact Us page to be included for future programming.

Yes, if you are part of the African Diaspora, you can become a member.

Many of our members have joined as a result of a referral. While we rely on current members to refer others, you do not need to be referred by another member to join.

We ask that our members are active by attending many of the events and programs. For details on the commitment for the different memberships, visit our Membership Page.